M3DC is engaged through Services Agreements with;
• the Swiss Association of Technology Transfer, swiTT. Services cover the coordination of the swiTT office, in particular the administrative and accounting tasks as well as the organisation of various events including the Annual Conference regrouping most of the Swiss Transfer Technology community
• a French Biotec company, Genclis SA, focused on developing therapies for both human and animal health based on an in house disruptive discovery called Transcription Infidelity (“TI”). TI is a patented process that begins by analysing differences between RNA and DNA sequences to identify translated proteins capable of causing the production of either IgE, the antibody responsible for most forms of allergies or IgG, that accounts for most of vaccine efficacy. Genclis uses its proprietary patented platform to develop therapies that elicit self-produced antibodies that block disease-causing proteins irrespective of their endogenous or exogenous origin. M3DC endorsed the daily operation management of the Company.