Dr Michel Dreano is the founder and main owner of M3DC.
He is currently the sole full-time employee and is assisted by an experienced group of consultants working on a project-by-project basis. This structure enables the company to offer first-rate consulting in the broad area of management of multi-disciplinary and cross-national project(s). The company is also involved in the support of the creation of a start-up devoted to the development of new treatments reverting the debilitating affections associated with degeneration of the peripheral nervous system.
M. Dreano is graduated from the University of Burgundy (PhD in Cell Biology) and from the University Paris 7/Institut Pasteur, France (PhD in Microbiology). He is highly qualified and has grown his experience through his active participation in the identification of the in vivo Biological Activity of various drug candidates (small molecules, but also proteins) that have progressed up to clinical evaluation. These achievements were conducted in collaborations with renowned worldwide researchers in a number of therapeutic fields including neurology, oncology, metabolic, endocrinology, arthritis, nanotechnology. His work has led to the publications of more than 40 peer-reviewed articles (see list of selected publications) and 10 patent families.
As Project/Alliance Manager, M. Dreano uses to take in charge the:
  • Management of global, multi-project, strategic drug development alliances involving industrial/academic partners from basic research to clinic
  • Management of project evaluation, selection, project transfer, validation
  • Planning and execution of multi-partner projects including budget, timelines, resource allocation, follow up and reporting
Monitoring of contractual obligations, initiation of sub-contracts and amendments with international academic institutions, Contract Research Organization, biotech and pharmaceutical company.